Things are changing fast... For now, our posting rules have been temporarily modified in order to continue supporting local businesses and to promote community connection during this challenging time.

We will now accept submissions for: 
Local online classes and live-streaming events - Use #Virtual under "tags"

KEEP US IN THE LOOP – as things change, we want to keep the site up to date. When events begin happening again, PLEASE LET US KNOW early and often.

For virtual events, and the sponsoring organizations are not responsible for the security of virtual events. Please make sure as a host you keep yourself secure.

Events will be reviewed and approved within 24 hours. 
Your listing will be viewable pending approval.

An image of your event may be uploaded on this form. Maximum size allowable is 5MB and 1499x1499. Please note that we do not post retail sales, food specials, or regularly scheduled fee-based classes (contact the Ridgecrest Chamber of Commerce to discuss promotional opportunities). 

Thank you for following the guidelines.

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