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What are the guidelines for submission?

Submission must be complete with who, what, when, where and how much. Businesses can only promote events, not sales or normal business operations. Fundraising events must state that they are fundraising events with the name of the beneficiary. Private garage sales or yard sales are not accepted. No personal events and solicitations are allowed. For the best value in using the calendar, we recommend listing your event two weeks in advance.

My event is recurring. Do I have to submit an event for each occurrence?

No. Please submit your event and note in the event description how often the event occurs (e.g., daily, weekly, every other week)and we will repeat the event. Only site administrators can easily duplicate events. Let us know if an event did not get repeated via the Contact page or reply to the email you received when the event was created.

What is the maximum size for a submitted image?

The image must be less than 5MB and smaller than 1499x1499. A tool to resize is provided when submitting your event as well as a way to convert a PDF to an image file.

What can I do if the event that I scheduled got cancelled or changed in some way?

Just contact us via our Contact page and we will edit or remove your listing.

I'm worried about spam, do I have to give you my e-mail?

Your e-mail will only be used so that we may contact you with questions about your event, if necessary.

I submitted an event, but it's not listed. Why is that?

We review event submissions for formatting and completeness. It may takes us up to a couple hours to get your event posted.

I would like to place an ad, how can I do so?

Please use our Advertise page to inquire about ads. We are more than happy to help you with your advertising needs!

I have an event that I would like to have listed, but I can't find the right category for it. What should I do?

Please use our Contact page and let us know, we will gladly add a category for you! Please note that every Main category has a "Miscellaneous" sub-category.

Can I post my restaurant menu?

Restaurants can submit special events: holiday meals, live music, art show, etc. Business as usual is not an event; however, should you purchase a venue page you can post business as usual at that site.